Mully's Pizzeria Blade Cover


Mully had spent his entire life chasing the perfect swing and the elusive hole-in-one, but one fateful day, as he stood on the 18th green, gazing out at the rolling hills of Tuscany, he had a revelation. With a deep love for the art of pizza-making and a newfound appreciation for the simple pleasures of life, he decided to hang up his golf clubs for good. Mully packed his bags, bid farewell to the fairways, and moved to Italy to follow his passion. In a charming little village nestled in the heart of the country, he opened "Mully's Pizzeria," where he crafted pizzas with the same dedication and precision he once reserved for his golf game. His pizzas became legendary, drawing locals and tourists alike, and Mully found contentment in the warm embrace of Italian culture, trading birdies for slices of the finest pizza under the Tuscan sun.


  • Made in-house in Brighton, MI
  • Industrial strength magnet enclosure
  • Plush protective interior
  • Premium construction & embroidery
  • Fits blade putters and some half moon shaped putters

*Limit one per customer

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