Where are you located?

Hatch Golf is located in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

Why is almost everything sold out?

Most of our items are limited releases.  Meaning once the product sells out, that's it.  From time to time, we sometimes release a different colorway of a release from past productions.

What's the best way to get notified about drops?

We announce all of our scheduled releases on Instagram or Facebook.  We also do secret drops from time to time that are unnanounced.

What are golden eggs?

In most of our releases, we will do a 'special' version of the cover where we change some things (like thread color, main material color/type, and other things) to create a unique version; typically limited to a count of 6 or less.  It also comes with a certificate and a unique package.

Who's behind Hatch?

My name is Sean Farrell.  I am the sole owner of Hatch Golf Co. I designed logos, branding, websites, apps and more for over 12 years -- until I quit to start Hatch full time.  I worked with companies from the fortune 50 to small startups. I live in Tennessee with my wife of 14 years and my daughter who is 6. I am in love with the game of golf and decided to combine that passion with my skills as a designer.

Besides myself, I was joined by my brother in law Brett Yost who quit his job of 17 years to come work at Hatch.  Brett has extensive experience in production and quality control and has been a great addition to the team.  Brett loves the game of golf, married of 9 years, and has two boys 6 and 4.  

What’s in your bag?

My current setup (although it changes frequently) is:

Driver: PXG Gen4 0811 XT
4 Iron: P790
5-PW: PXG 0211 ST
Wedge: 50 / 54 / 58 PXG 0311
Putter: Odyssey Strokelab 10

Do you sell wholesale?

We are taking on limited spots for wholesale.

Do you sell in stores?

We do not currently offer products in stores. They are only sold online.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship anywhere in the world.

How much does shipping cost?

We use a range of services from USPS to UPS. International shipping is decided by USPS at checkout.

When do you ship items out?

Currently orders are shipped from our warehouse within three to five business days of ordering.



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