Saltee the Seal Blade Cover


Saltee the Seal was born on a rocky coastline in the remote north, where he spent his early days learning to swim and hunt for fish. As a young pup, he often got into mischief, playing tricks on his fellow sea friends and exploring far beyond the safety of the pack. But one day, while out on a solo adventure, Saltee found himself stranded on a small island, with no way to get back to the mainland. It was there that he learned to survive on his own, using his cleverness and resourcefulness to find food and shelter.

Eventually, a passing ship rescued Saltee and brought him to a marine park in Florida, where he became a beloved attraction and learned to perform for crowds. Though he missed his old home, Saltee found a new sense of purpose entertaining visitors and showing off his unique seal skills.


  • Made in-house in Brighton, MI
  • Industrial strength magnet enclosure
  • Plush protective interior
  • Premium construction & embroidery
  • Fits blade putters and some half moon shaped putters

*Limit one per customer

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