Saltee the "Reindeer" Hybrid Cover


In a coastal cove where the ocean waves sing, Lived Saltee the seal, with dreams on the wing. His eyes sparkled with wonder, under the moon's soft gleam, A dreamer, he longed to join Santa's festive team.

With fur as soft as the evening tide's caress, Saltee would gaze at the sky, his heart in distress. Oh, how he yearned to dance among the stars, To soar through the night on festive memoirs.

In winter's embrace, as snowflakes fell like lace, Saltee harbored a wish, a dream to embrace. To join Santa's reindeer, in the celestial ballet, A joyous journey through the Milky Way.

His flippers outstretched, beneath the northern lights' glow, Saltee envisioned a world where seals could also bestow The magic of flight, through the crisp, wintry air, A tale of whimsy that others would gladly share.

With a twinkle in his eye and a hopeful heart, Saltee set forth, ready for his extraordinary part. To the North Pole he ventured, where the snowflakes dance, Hoping for a chance to join Santa's trance.

On a Christmas Eve, with a sleigh full of delight, Santa discovered Saltee, his dreams taking flight. "Come, dear Saltee, join our festive cheer, With my reindeer, you'll dance through the atmosphere."

As they soared through the night, a magical sight, Saltee, the seal, embraced the starlight. Among Santa's reindeer, in a celestial trance, He found his place in the waltz of the Christmas dance.

Through the cosmos they glided, a symphony of glee, Saltee, the seal, forever flying free. In the heart of the night, where dreams take their flight, He danced with Santa's reindeer, in the soft moonlight.


  • Made in-house in Murfreesboro, TN
  • Plush protective interior
  • Premium construction & embroidery
  • Fits most hybrids

*Limit one per customer

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