Something New is Hatch'ing

Many of you may not know my story, but Blue Birdie Golf was a side hustle / passion project that I started in 2017. Being a freelance graphic designer for 12 years, I have spent almost all that time working on client projects. I wanted to switch things up and create something that combined my love for the sport and design.

There was just one problem - As I was designing the projects I had to go through various middle men to produce them. Little did I know this would be a stepping stone to something greater.

In the past year, Blue Birdie has grown thanks to you guys and your wonderful support. This growth inspired me to put more attention into the business and focus on expanding product lines. In 2020, I not only launched many new headcover designs but also launched wood covers, apparel, hats, metal goods, and more.

So what’s next?

After careful contemplation and mapping out my next steps, I decided to go all in and completely take over the manufacturing process.  If you've been following along on my social media, you'll see that over the past couple of months I've secured warehouse space, machinery, fabrics, and more to get this process started.

With this huge change, comes a refreshed identity to really capture this new business model.  The new name of the company will be called Hatch Golf.  The name change came to me as I was in the transition stage, and it just seemed to “fit” as Blue Birdie was birthing something new.  This change will be reflected on new products coming in the next month or two.  With that said, the remaining stock of Blue Birdie gear will still be available until that time at a discounted price.

So, getting down to it.  Manufacturing my own products means that I will be able to bring you guys something that is truly custom, and created with the best designs and hand-picked materials on the market. Doing so allows me to have more control over the process to get new products in your hands quicker.

Here's the caveat.  Because I am starting from the ground up with manufacturing, I am putting in the extra hours to produce and plan; Which takes time. I know it will be time well invested, but none the less, it will take time. There will be some hiccups, but I’m determined to learn and produce the best product on the market.

I look forward to sharing the process along the way and having you guys take the next steps with me.  If you're not already following on instagram or facebook, I encourage you do do so!

Thank you, as always, for being a part of the flock!